Spring Skiing and some art sales..

We have just returned from a fabulous skiing holiday staying in the delightful and quaint town of Breckenridge , Colorado.

It snowed the evening we arrived so we stepped out onto gorgeous powder and blue skies for our first morning on the slopes.

I got to cruise down the mountain with my two favorite crazy skiiers in their 'Mental hats'..hehe

Staying at the Beaver Run Resort has spoiled me wickedly.. aah.. staying right on the slopes, clicking on my skiis and skiing right down to the chair lift.. no lugging skiis and boots everywhere now that's the life !
Here is the view from our window...

Little Zackary thought it was a bit weird with all this snow everywhere but he soon started enjoying riding up and skiing down the little slopes.. ( he loved that magic carpet..)

Luke and Zackary taking a break after a 'hard' day on the slopes....

It was great to be soaking in the hot tub after hauling off my ski's( soothing my sore' ski muscles )and get an email that 2 more of my  paintings sold in the Austin gallery yay !.. Thanks to Candace and another mystery buyer :)

Bye..Bye to..

'Solitary Sentinel'


and to..

'Inside A Memory'

Thanks for popping in !!
Ciao , Helen xxxxxxxx


  1. Aw what an idyllic looking place!! Fab pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time!

    Loving your gorgeous artwork too you super talented chick!
    Love lots from home... Neetz (Juanita) xxxx

  2. WOOOOHOOOO! Congratulations on the sales. Those are beautiful paintings, off to new and loving homes. And GREAT vacation! What's that...a moving sidewalk up the mountain??? How awesome is that! And I LOVE those mental hats! HAHAHAHA fabulous! Nice to see you again, Helen. :)

  3. Thanks guys for cool comments!

    We sure did have a fun time!
    YUp .. moving sidewalk UP the mountain.. that's the way to get fit Bella ! hehe!

  4. Great hats! Great trip!! And way to go on the sales of your beautiful originals!!! I heard a rumor you're art is in an Austin magazine, what's the story there???? No secrets, do share!!!
    ~Much love and good vibes, Leslie


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