Summer is coming..

After a particularly gorgeous hot day recently, my mind started to drift to the deliciousness of the endless blue skies of the Texan Summer, soon to be upon us ..
 and ..
 ice cream.
An essential part of your summer survival kit when you live in Texas :)

16 x 16 "
Acrylic on Canvas


Moon Connection

I have been enchanted with an old song by Don Henley from the first moment I heard it.
I hadn't heard it for years until recently, when again it stopped me in my tracks with it's haunting melody.
After replaying it about 400 times :) .. I was at my easel and this little guy appeared..
I'm quite in love ..
And just like the old song this piece is titled  ..
' Talking to the Moon '

18 x 24 "
Acrylic on canvas
Austin Art Garage Art Gallery


new painting - 'Sugar high'

 I am so excited to have the second piece complete for the 'Let them Eat Cake' series.
This was so fun to paint.. I love little Chickadees.. they always look too cute to be real ;)

'Sugar High'
acrylic on canvas
14 x 14"

I now want bows on all my cupcakes.. like being presented with a sweet , tasty little gift ;)

Love Helen xx


Befriended by a Scissortail'

This next painting was completely inspired by a lovely encounter recently with a Scissortailed Flycatcher.
I was out cycling solo in a rural area when suddenly this beautiful bird appears right next to me, playing and dancing around my handlebars.
I was completely entranced by it's amazing long 'scissor' tail and as it would swoop up above me it would showoff the beautiful apricot/ orange flash under its wings.
My feathered friend flew along next to me for about a mile, much to my complete delight and then watched me turn the corner from a safe perch.
Couldn't wipe the grin off my face for days..

'Scissortailed Flycatcher'
9" x 12"

                   Original available here

Moments like those are why I just cannot stop painting birds..
sigh... I just love those little feathered pieces of heaven :)
love H xx



I love cake and I obviously love birds.. so I decided to combine them.. 
what a brilliant idea !

 I now say to myself.. where was this idea like.. a billion years ago?

Anyway.. in my whimsical world.. this is what happens.. 

we all eat cake,

 even birds.. 

preferably in my kitchen :)

             ' Let them eat cake '
                Acrylic on canvas
                    14" x 14"

(Sorry Marie Antoinette' .. I know apparently you never said that , be we still kinda like to think you did.. bit of dark humor)..

so I thought for fun if anyone wants to see one of my paintings in some REALLY unpretty early stages, here you go..

             Scary stuff !!..

                and then....

                 Ahhhh...Thank goodness for that  :)..
               Have an amazing weekend !
                   Update this piece is SOLD  
15 mins after posting it .. that's my new record :) happy me..
                  Love H xx


Sweet Tiny Moo Cards are here..

I've always loved the idea of Moo Cards for business cards..
all writing on the back, and the ability to put a different image on each one, like a tiny print.

I am delighted with how these turned out..

So small..

And so perfect.

Such high quality card and print work.. it will be a pleasure to present these to customers.

Cheers , H xx