Hello there !

Originally from New Zealand my life journey has been an interesting one.

 At the age of 19, with my brand new Registered Nurse' credentials, I set off for adventure and over the years ended up living in Australia , South Africa , Saudi Arabia and America. 
Many great stories and amazing memories later, I have now settled in Texas with my husband , our two sweet sons, two precious pups and a wee flock of chickens.

I am completely enchanted by nature, totally besotted with birds, bees, butterflies, little critters, fungi and flowers. 
I have been creative and making things all my life, but at the age of 30 my love for the natural world spilled out very strongly in an overwhelming desire to express my delight through painting.

I began this blog back in 2009 to document my creative process, my artistic journey and also to capture sweet moments in my life that delight and inspire me.
I guess you could say it is a 'nature themed art blog' with a smattering of sweet moments with my family and life in the hill country of Texas.

I sell my artwork through galleries, shows and my online store The Sacred Gift. I am currently looking into developing a line of screen printed home goods and baby wear and intend to one day hold my first children's book in my hands. 

I'm definitely a rose colored, 'glass is very full' kinda girl, believing that life is what you make of it and that focusing our attention on 'what is good' brings more of that into our life.

I'm all about.. positivity, finding beauty wherever I can, having fun, self love and growth, creating many magical moments in my life,  and not taking myself too seriously.

It's a pleasure to meet you..
Cheers , Helen xx

email -  helenwheelershaw@yahoo.com
website - HelenWheelerShaw.com


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