snowballs in texas..yeeha!

My pretty snowy driveway in the Texas hillcountry this morning!'s cold..I don't know how you people do this every day!! First time like this here in 20 or so years!
The kids are having a blAST!!! this is outside the back door..
schools are closed ..yay!!!
the sun is starting to come out.. that will be the end of it for another bunch of years I guess...
I managed to catch this cute little man at my feeder yesterday... bet he is cold this mornin!
Have a lovely weekend everyone from us here in SNOWY TEXAS !! hehe!


  1. Woo Hoo!! Love this snow! We were sledding down the driveway!! :) Miss you friend!
    -Elise Nicole

  2. Thrills and chills!!! How exciting! And how perfect that it came while the kids are still young enough to do kid things in it. They must have had SUCH a blast. Awwww. I wish we would have a snow day like that. In one day, melted the next. That snowman gave me quite a chuckle. He looks kinda like an owl. Great!


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