Nothing like a little birthday chaos..turning' number 4 '.. :)

 My sweet little rascally redhead turned 'number 4' this weekend.. here is a few shots of the party fun..

 Bouncy castle with slide....yay!!

Hanging out with buddies...

 cake time !!..

oops.. fingers were too quick for the photographer !

big brother taking a break from helping out all the wild 4 year olds!!

 Crazy Alien pinata'....

being modelled by big brother...

pretty party mummies ..


  the presents. .woohoo!

a very happy ( and tired) birthday boy.. chilling at the end of a momentous day..
extremely delighted to be (finally) the ripe ol' age of 4 !!!
Happy Birthday my precious..:)


  1. AWWWWWWWW! Awww awwww AWWWWWWW! What a great party! Dontcha just LOVE little kid parties where you can give them the world with mere frosting and bouncy castles. Awwwwwwwwww, adorable little tots, all of 'em. Happy Birthday, beautiful boy!

  2. haha.. thanks Bella.. yup they are a cute bunch!
    I wish all I needed was a bit of frosting and a bouncy castle to get me going!! Life would be pretty simple ( and cheap!!) hehe!

  3. Looks like a perfect day to have a party! boy I want a jumpy slide so bad.

  4. I hear you Karin.. I had plenty of fun on that slide myself!

  5. Wow! Whst a great party! The bouncy castle looks like fun. Di you try it? I love the oaks in the backyard! Belated happy birthday to your darling boy.

  6. I sure did try that slide Ces...lotsa fun!


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