pour a little honey on me....

Would you look at that !!  Golden nectar  from buzzing friends..and a 94 year old beekeeper... ( who so loves his bees)

I pulled out my latest honey haul from the farmers market to decant..and I saw it catch the light...
 ....caught my breath..   I just want to swim in there..what a delight..

A drop fell on the wood and sat there so precious like a jewel..

It just blows my mind how this gorgeous sweet treat comes to existence..jus' taking a minute to appreciate a 'pebble on the side of the road' of our magnificent earth journey..

have a lovely , fun weekend everybody.
Luv Helen Xx


  1. Mmmmmmmmm! Sweet elixir! I love honey. Bless the bees who work so hard to make it for us. The stuff is magic!

  2. beautiful thought AND shots!

  3. I'd take that swim with ya! Beautiful natural goodness!


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