A happy Mind /Body/Spirit today..

I just finished an AMAZing yoga class this morning.. and I DID NOT have the delicious egg and pesto quesadilla at the gym cafe afterward.. but I came back and ate all this above!!!
Yes.. a Vege fest !!

Oh. alright . I did juice it first..
Yum!.. yep that's what beetroot,apple,raw ginger,celery,carrot and kale juice looks like people..delicious!..But Um.. don't spill any on your white shirt!!  ( don't ask me how I know this...)

All the pretty pulp goes straight to my most excited chicken friends ,who will turn it into blue eggs .. :)

wow.. my body feels good.... Viva veges !!
Love H


  1. mmmmmm.... yummy yummy! That juice looks so scrumptious!!

  2. Juicing is AWESOME and certainly does make the peeps happy too!! Looks delicious!
    Namaste, Leslie

  3. Amazing color of that juice! Mmmm, I can practically feel it teeming with antioxidants. Jack laLane would be proud, bless his soul.

    And really? That's how you get your chickens to lay blue eggs? That is too cool. I'd buy blue eggs if they sold any.

  4. Yes ..people pretty juice DOES rock!! and Bella so do blue eggs! Never , ever seen blue eggs for sale either!! methinks I have a cunning plan to make a quazillion dollars! hehe!

    Thanks for all popping in !


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