Wanna take a peek inside my studio?

I always love seeing where all other artists create... soooo I thought maybe some of you might like to pop in and visit my little spot!
The old ...'but it;s not finished yet' story was holding me back but I finally realized... ha! you're all my mates ,so you don't care , you'd probably prefer to see the before and afters anyway.

This is a snap of the sits up on a little hill away from our house, nestled amongst the trees on our 2 acre hillcountry property in Texas. (click to see better.. sorry the Photography Department had the day off today,,)

So no slick pics like in the magazines people .. but I am very grateful just to have my own space.. and I love my 'little work in progress'!!

Soo.. if you spotted the electric frying pan and griddle.. you get the prize!! umm.. nope .. (telling fib's) no prize and no pancakes getting whipped up here,,that is the 'encaustic' department. here at The Willows Nest.. yup.. lots of melting wax and resin .. cool stuff

I thought I'd show you a kinda tidy corner.. (cause we are trying to be flash)

I love old cameras... and books....and books..... books stuffed everywhere in here

Ahh.. the meditation corner where the staff ( that would be me and a Shar-Pei) in The Willows Nest can recline back on the chaise under the chandelier and dream up their next fantastic idea. ( Or realistically where the toddler can smear jam on toast.. and try and stuff his Play-Doh)

Hmm.. could she get anything else on this surface??

Haha.. check out that chaos!!! I bet some of you are thinking.. man I need to get in there with some serious shelving .. and .. um.. planning!
I know , I know.. if I wasn't such a blinkin' dilettante when it comes to art mediums and products... we might be in better shape.

But I promise day I am going to use up all 940 different types of products in this studio.. and I won't buy any new ones!!
( I am so lying!!!!)

I just realised I haven't got any great 'gobs of paint tubes' types of cool shots.. but as this is going to be updated I'll get one next time. Ok .. so yes i perhaps should have 'set up' some special scenes to take pics of like real 'fancy' blogs.. but I just walked in and thought I'd take some as is'..

Ok . friends .. I showed you mine.. you so know how that line finishes.. Let's be having them..

Hey we could start our own book.. "Where Women REALLY Create" !

Luv ya H


  1. HA! I love love this post! I think your right...I love to pick up the different studio magazines and drool over the perfect pictures but we all know that is not how the job gets done! I too have taken the pledge to use all that I have on hand before I buy another thing! So I am glad I am not alone...LOL... BTW your studio looks fantastic! I yearn for natural light in mine which I have dubbed the cave! Still smiling... Where do women really create!

  2. Wow I am soooooo jealous, what a fantastic spot you have to create. Unfortunately I only have a table in my family room which isn't much to look at hopefully one day after we redecorate I'll be able to have a bigger spot of my own!!! Love those dolls they are so cute!

  3. Cynthia.. Hi!! I wanna see the cave!!

    It's just so cool to see what cool stuff can be made in 'the cave'!!

  4. Hey thanks Nicola.. a table is good!!
    We need to see a shot of the table when you are in full swing.. and then later when it's all put away!!

    I painted on the dining table for years!
    A great tip.. leave piles of your 'stuff' everywhere so that your man get's sick of it , and get's you your own room!!

  5. Wow, you have a great space to be creative. Lots of space, a nice view. Really nice!

    We have a spare room set up to accommodate a computer area on one side and my painting area on the other. It has a nice, big window with lots of light and my husband did a wonderful color wash technique on the walls, which gives the room a sense of warmth. I'm still jealous of The Willow's Nest, though! :-)

  6. This studio is gorgeous...I can just picture you in there. I think it's twice as great as the ones in the mags...
    Funny. I posted recent pix of my cluttered mess of a studio about a month back. I just have stuff piled on stuff...and a path carved out to my painting spot. Plus I've taken over the kitchen table with my beeswax and ornament making and I have a corner of the family room with big bins full of yarn and wreath making stuff. My sons are off at college and I did briefly take over one of their rooms for sewing and fabric storage, but I had to give it back when they were home for holidays.
    My husband has a model railroad that is slowly consuming my his own studio room too. So, he doesn't mind when I spread my stuff thru the house.
    What I really adore in your studio...are the decorative bits and vignettes you have: like the gathering of dolls and little paintings...and the nest and rocks on your worktable. I used to have things like that, but now all the 'stuff' drowns them out. **sigh** ;0

  7. Helen, I love your studio and I am sending your blog to my daughter! She will love your studio! Thank you for stopping by my blog, it waws wonderful to see you there! ~LeslieMichele
    Oops, I forgot, here is her site (quite different from yours and I really love both of yours!

  8. I love checking out fellow artists spaces. Your little house in the woods is so cool.
    Mine right now look like a train ran through it, but that's how it gets when I'm buried in work. (I laugh at calling it work) Need to tidy it up before an important client gets here tomorrow, but I just don't know where to start.

  9. Michelle , how cool to have husbands that do 'lovely color washes on the walls!!!
    Lucky you!
    Hi Kelly.. I know how easy it all is to feel like you are 'drowning in it all!
    maybe you can sneak back into the boys room again now they are back in college??

  10. Hey Thanks leslie,, I love your daughters work too.. such rich yummy colors! Thanks for the link!

    Karin ,, yup the train plows through here often too hehe!
    Good luck with the 'Important Client'..may they buy it all!!

  11. Hi,

    That studio is too feminine :-)
    Now seriously, it has some really nice elements.
    I would really like to have a studio, since it's really annoying to keep putting things away, namely each time I change between pastel and oils, for insteance.

    Best regards,


  12. Hi Jose' .. yep it would be a bit too girly for a .. umm.. guy.. yep the more room you have though the less you 'put away' ..and... the less room you have .. hehe! thanks for your visit!

  13. You ARE organised! Such a happy spacious place to play and create! I'm in a corner of one room, with easels propped like great leaning towers, and paint tubes all stashed in chocolate boxes like sardines.

    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring workplace.



  14. Oh my GOSH, what a great space you have! Not just a separate room, a separate little HOUSE that looks all cozy and cute. I am so in love with your chaise and chandelier. Ahhh, how luxurious! And to be surrounded by all that gloriousness! Back in the day, I used to have my own space that I made in a small walk-in closet. The door was only 5 feet tall, so you had to duck to get in, even. Hahaha

  15. Haha Bella.. that chandelier has been the bane of my husbands life.. we've moved so often and he always has to put it up.. but yes I WILL ALWAYS win!!!! I do love me ol' chaise .. just can't dream up stuff without one!
    But Little closets are cool too!!
    me being 5 foot 11 would be funny visiting you !!

  16. I love your Willows Nest. I can see that your little space in the world is so inspiring. Your cameras are so cool. Your little one second from the left.. the brownie, my mom and dad had two of those. I think all artistic people should have their own place. Thank you so much for share your part of the world.

  17. This is the first time I have been here. Ooooh what a beautiful inspirational place. Aaaaw!

  18. yup Ces.. this is where organized chaos can reign!!

  19. I love visiting your studio! Hahahahaha, I'll show you mine if you show me yours? No one's asked me that since grade school! No wait, not even in grade school,

    You are tall and thin. I think you should change your name to Willow.

  20. Anonymous12:58

    Hello Willow Wheeler/Shaw.
    Luv ya Studio and Blog glad the snow has gone.
    Bond 007.

    Dear Helen,very enthuesed at your blog
    loved pics and paintings .
    Was like being back visiting again /
    Snow Snow what fun for the boys//////
    Love from the Silver blond Ma by walkway / xxx

  21. What a wonderful place to create and be's like a little tree house. Who wouldn't want this kind of space?


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