Something a bit for the love of bees..

This was inspired in part by my new source of delicious local raw honey.. a little 94 year old man.. who never wants to stop keeping bees.. as he just loves them so.. and worries about who will care for them..
awwww.. melts my heart..

'The Beekeeper'
Acrylic on canvas ..
30 x 40 inches..

My son has decided this is the new version of the Mona Lisa.. he says her eyes follow him around the room..

Hope you are all keeping cool on these wonderful summer days!

Luv . H


  1. Helen my dear, how are you? :) I can see that you're doing great, judging from this painting... She is incredibly gorgeous! And that son of yours is a smart little fellow... Yes, I think this lady has such an intense stare! (hugs)

  2. Normally, if a painting's eyes follow you around the room, it's considered a little creepy. But I wouldn't mind her staring at me at all! She has gorgeous eyes. And mouth. And clavicles. I would like to have her clavicles.

    Goodness, Helen, I am in love with the deep colors you've used here! This is such a cool painting. I have the desire to go listen to the B-52s now.

    Have a great weekend! Hope you are well!

  3. Hi there Amalia.. I'm keeping busy with the kiddos and summer.. thanks for visit!! I'm coming over to see you!

  4. Bella yay!! thank you! haha B 52's .. , or should we say BEE 52's hehe..
    yep you can have her clavicles ..I want her mouth!

  5. She is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Oh that's gorgeous!

  7. I love her! I love the colors and yes, she reminds me of B52, which may aptly be called Bee52. Wait, aren't they suppose to follow you around the room? Mine do.

  8. How cool! Love those colors! What a fun piece!

  9. Hi Helen -

    I come here from Amalia’s, and what lovely place I’ve come to!!! Ahhhh, what you have done with those old papers! Just love the delicate feel, the double layers, the one upon the other, the dreamlike qualities....

    And the Mona Lisa - yes, I agree, those eyes....


  10. thankyou all for stopping b and taking the time to comment.. I appreciate you all! Luv Helen

  11. She is lovely...
    Bee~utiful ;) Sorry couldn't resist!


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