what's going on......

Hi there everybody.. we have been having fun around here as we are getting a completely new kitchen yay!!! It should be ALL finished next Sunday.. boy there is nothing quite like the joy you get from washing dishes in the bath! ( not!) Anyway it will look light , bright and glorious! Will definitely post a pic when done..

Tonight in San Antonio I will be one of the featured artists on the Tobin Hill Artwalk.. at the Gallery Josephine..
here is the details Love to see you there,!

I was delighted to be one of the artists featured in the June newspaper publication of La Prensa... nothing like a little great press :D

check it out.. I start near the top of the second column.. Connecting Art and Nature.. ( you will definitely need to enlarge to read it)

My days are filled right now with swim lessons, karate lessons and the odd magical yoga class squeezed in for mama when I can !. Living the dream! hehe
Cheers , Helen


  1. Good to see a post from you, Helen. How exciting; a new kitchen! Congratulations on being in the newspaper and the nice, big image of your adorable little bird. Very cool!

  2. Wow, so much is going on in your life, I see? It's wonderful to know you're having a great time, taking karate and yoga?? Hahaha...good balance, there!

    Congrats and good luck, of course, on your next show...salutation, Bird Queen!! :)) oxx

  3. Thanks Michelle! oh yes.. a new pretty kitchen will be so lovely!
    I could get used to the newspaper thing! haha

    Hi Amalia.. haha.. swim lesson for 3 year old, karate for 11 yrold.. yoga for me! You are right interesting combo!
    Nice to 'se you!

  4. Congrats on the publication, featured artist (and the kitchen too!

  5. Cheers Angie!! Can't wait for that finished kitchen yay!!!

  6. enjoy your yoga classes and your new kitchen, yay :)

  7. I loved reading the article about you. It also inspires me that you are a self-taught artist. It gives my own creative side a little more hope.

    I bet you needed the Yoga classes after bending over to wash dishes in the bathtub!!


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