I'm back ! with new work..

Hi !... ummm yup.. I kinda went to another planet for just a wee while there.. Life stuff happening.. had skin cancer surgery ( all sweet now!..got rid o' that!) I think my face has a cool pirate look now !! hehe.. kids home for the summer.. social whirl.. oh... and my artwork in an exhibition show this Friday ,yay for art and music and fun!

New work is coming off the end of my brush.. guardians that are being sent to the earth to care for our natural world.. ( as the humans aren't very good at it!)
Here is a pic of one in the exhibition that you guys haven't seen.. she's another large one.. 24 '' x 48 inches..

'The Keeper of the Deer'
If anyone is in San Antonio this Friday.. come and say hi .. I'll be part of the 2nd Friday Artwalk in Tobin Hill.. at the Josephine Theater.. live music playing.. 5 bands and 5 visual artists.. great fun!
Here is the link .. Tobin Hill Artwalk..

Hope you are all ' living the dream'..
Cheers , Helen


  1. Goodness, you really are back!! Hello, hello, Helen! It's good to know that you're all better and rockin' again! Yes, your Keeper of the Deer looks so mystically enchanting, of course... and all the best for the show! (hugs)

  2. Thanks Amalia!! Yep..I'm all good to go! Look forward to seeing what you have been up to!

  3. Aaaw, scary stuff that skin cancer, I am glad it is history. Aaaw! i saw that Artwalk registration at Zapp and I was expecting to be in San Antonio on the 18th but now that is all erased - Nyet! I wil be oncall instead. You know, I did not really want to go but knowing that you are there, I thought I'd say hello but my husband thought it would not be wise to leave two teenagers in the house. I don't think that was a problem. So all scrapped I am on call instead.

    Now the keeper of the deer. How many point is that Hot Mama! My oh my. Beautiful!

    Have fun with your kids around. We are sending ours to summer school for get some courses out of the way. My daughter just finished 8th grade last week and she is taking High School courses so she can have more free time during the school year. Hmn. shouldn't that be the other way around? But it's good because I don't have to worry about entertaining them or rounding them up for a month.

    All of a sudden I am very chatty, Ooops! pardon me. I am just so happy you are back!


  4. Hiya Ces.. thanks for the welcome!!
    I think that must have been a different artwalk .. this one is not thru ZAPP.. and is only a one night show ( so wouldn't be there on the 18th)
    No summer school for my guys .. so we'll be hitting the pool and the movies plenty!! sounds like a pretty cool plan for yours tho'!
    Gotta check out what you have been up to!
    Cheers H

  5. Helen - good to see you back. I've missed your posts. Glad the skin cancer is gone. Scary stuff. I'm sure you'll be super vigilant about checking for it now and will catch it early should another one appear. Have fun at the artwalk.

  6. Hey there Michelle.. yup.. long time no see! Hope to go check out your amazing art soon!
    I appreciate your welcome!

  7. OOOOOHHHH, Helen, Helen, Helen! So nice to see you again. I must say, I bet you rock the pirate look. Seriously, though, I'm relieved that you detected the cancer and it's gone, kicked to the curb. Whew!

    What a fabulous lady! I'm lovin' the layers and the fact that she looks quite spiritual. Beautiful work! Have a fun time at the exhibit. Congratulations! Gosh, I wish I were in TX.


  8. HEY BELLA!!!! thanks for your visit!!..I popped over to you wow!!!!!! I have missed soooooo many cool illos!!! I am so in love with your work! Gota pop back to see you with more time !! yay!
    Losa love , Helen

  9. It waS a great show! You looKed as wonderful as your arT!!! We always have fun...... Also, you did look like a sexy pirate for sure!


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