Spring.. eggs and blossoms

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.. our long weekend was lots of fun.. here is a few shots..

I thought I'd first share some of the color on our Texas hill country property this spring..
Sweet Broom .. smells like heaven..

The most beautiful periwinkle wildflowers pop up everywhere..

The famous 'Texas Bluebonnet' in a field outside my studio window...

Ah.. the divine smell of the 'Texas Mountain Laurel' .. our property has about 6 of these magical trees.. which are covered in purple blossoms in the Spring.. the beautiful scent only lasts around 4 weeks.. so we have to make the most of it..

Fitting in with the spring theme.. this painting arrived in the post from New Zealand just before Easter. It is titled 'Spring Garden' and is a giveaway gift from a fellow blogger Katrina Cook... she likes to use lots of great texture.. thank you Katrina!

Easter goodies!! I thought this little chocolate duck was cute ..it looked sooo.oo like a real rubber duck!
I thought Luke would think that it was cool.. which he did.. I think it kinda tasted like soap though..oh well! it was cute! hehe

Zackary loved his little wind-up chicken that lays bubble gum eggs.. I had to get one of these as a tribute to our new family members..

Real chicken- lickens yay!! We had such fun going to pick them up in Easter Saturday.. the kiddles very excited at holding their new friends and making nests for them out of hay in their nesting boxes.. I think Zackary only came away from them to eat.. then it was "Oh my chickens are missing me..Bye" off for another 2 hours in the hen house! hehe.

There is nothing happier on this earth than true 'free- range' chickens.. these girls are having a ball!

They are great at weeding too! Scritch scratching with those legs.. the weeds are history.. while they get the little bugs underneath..

On Easter Sunday.. the best egg of them all!.. our first gift from the chickens... found by Zackary.. much to his absolute delight.. "Oh Mummy ..look my chickens made me an egg!" ... holding his treasure high he sped down from the hen house so fast to show us.. eventually ( after I go this pic) he of course cracked his egg with so much love.. so I grabbed the frypan ..managed to salavage about half of it into the pan..quickly cooked it up for Z before the tears could start!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too!
Cheers , Helen


  1. How excited Z must have been finding his very first egg! It looks beautiful there.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter there, Helen! All those colors...so beautiful! It's so nice to see a little bit more about your life, you must be very very happy... even the chickens are loved! Hahahaha... (^_^) oxx

  3. I stopped over to see if had pictures of the little ladies. That are beautiful! You are going to love having them. You picked out the best layers too.

    a little tip....shavings are much easier to keep clean and softer for their nests than hay.

  4. Your bird paintings have got to be about the sweetest things I have ever seen! I'm excitedly off to check out your Etsy shop!
    thanks for visiting my blog :)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hens! You ARE going to name them, right?

  6. Lovely Helen, how divine. You are blessed with a beautiful family and home. Those chickens do look free and happy. Tjose were the only chickens and eggs I grew up with. Now as to this fascination with pigs --- my my my! I love pigs. I have pigs all over my office. People give me pigs when they want to make me happy. I started drawing elephants because Bella adore them. I promised to draw a pig as a Christmas present for a dear friend of mine and I just gave it to her yesterday. I know, I know it's late. It gives me so much joy to hear my blog friends and visitors how a drawing makes them happy. Ah dearest Helen, Happy Sisterfriend Day to you, the beautiful one! What would a pig do with a willow's nest? Have you ever read the traits of people born in the year of the pig? Oh my goodness, how admirable!

  7. Hi Helen,
    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and left such a sweet comment. How else would I have found my way back here.
    Your artwork is beautiful and so is your blog.
    I'll be back often. :)

  8. Thanks Michelle.. yes little Z was so excited!

    Amalia.. well you know I love my birds!!
    And these ones I can pick up whenever I want .. yay!

    Karin.. yes I read up that these 'RED STARS' are the best layers.. so far so good! Thanks for the tip!

    Koo and Poppet oh thanks for stopping in! Neat to see you here!

    Epuype.. yes apparently one is Dora! and one is Lola fluffy- white bottom!

    Yes I grew up with chickens too.. didn't enjoy walking 'what seemed like miles as a kid' to feed them!
    I soo love your piggie drawings.. they are delightful!

    Diane I am delighted you visited .. aww thanks for those sweet comments.. I really love your work too!
    Lovely to meet you!

    Cheers everyone , Helen xxxxxx

  9. OH what a lovely post! I'm so jealous with all of those gorgeous flowers...wow!!! And those fun chickens! It looks like you had a lovely Easter. I am so thankful for your visit - and for your sweet words at Sarah's blog. Thank you! It's wonderful "getting to know" you as well, Helen! You sound absolutely happy..I'm sure it's also because of your recent discovery of your devotion to birds. : ) Love them!!

  10. Hi Shirley!! The great thing about these flowers is they just come up by themselves every spring yay! ..my kinda gardening!
    I loved Sarah's interview of you.. it was so great! yup ..Love me birds!

  11. Hey, Helen! Happy Sisterfriend Week to you! Your garden is beautiful! Those periwinkle flowers look like forget-me-nots, but I am not an expert botanist. My garden was very much like plant boot camp. If it could not survive my neglect, it didn't deserve to be in there.

    Beautiful spring painting, too! Love that deep green.

    And say WHAT? That's a chocolate duck?! Way cool. Which end did he bite off first?

    CHICKENS! Hahaha, that's FABULOUS! They look very happy indeed. I saw a video where you can wobble their bodies around, but their heads stay centered....funniest thing, cracked me up. Oh my, what a great set of pets. And fresh eggs, YUM!

    Glad you had a fantastic Easter!

  12. Hiya Bella!!(sisterfriend)!!!!!!
    aha,, don't be fooled these ARE all the plants that thrive on neglect here in the Texas hillcountry! It pretty much is painting vs watering plants.. painting usually wins!!hehe

    the wee duck lost it's butt first!!!
    yup these chickens are cracking us up..they are soo nosy.. they were cruising in to visit me in the studio yesterday.. they are always together.. so funny..
    Gotta go check out if you have painted any beautiful delights!

  13. I want a chicken! First Elise and now you!!!! Actually, that's not completely true, I really want the fresh eggs!! ~LeslieMichele

  14. haha.. yes the chef friends in my life are all getting excited by the chicken eggs.. I'll trade eggs for 'umm.. yummy food that I didn't screw up'!! hehe!
    ( this could be good methinks!)

  15. Thank you dearest Helen. I see you have been taking some time off.


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