Studio update..

First of all I want to thank all you gorgeous people for your most encouraging and uplifting comments regarding my last post! Viva authenticity!!!!!!...

Right so.. what have I been doing .. we decided at 7.30 saturday morning to take off to the beach for 2 days.. glorious weather.. for those of you still with snow.. summer IS COMING!!

Here is a pic of my little beaching family...

Zackary soon figured out what the man 'playing the song' had in his little cart!

When we got back I hit the studio ready to roll.. here is a couple of pieces I have just listed today in 'The Willows Nest Shoppe'..
this first one is along the same lines as the 'choose bliss' bird but this one is painted with acrylic, colored pencil and Indian Ink directly on to a wood panel. I really like the clean 'Scandinavian feel' with the bare wood.

This next one I had plenty of fun with.. I applied copper leaf to the back of a shadow box.. then created a 3D effect with one of my paintings.. lifting elements forward with vintage domino pieces.
I stamped some copper sheet with the words 'Stillness'.. I love this one.. so peaceful.. but also so alive with the copper leaf ablaze in the background when the light shifts. Tricky to photograph with the glass front.. but here is a few..

here is one before it is in the shadow box.. without the glass..

Lastly I want to thank some special people who have bestowed upon me some lovely awards..
being a newbie blogger up until recently I thought these awards for for winning some kind of a competition! hehe!! (I'm getting there..)

First up, thank you to the fabulous Amalia from TranslucentBlue
for giving me my first award ever, The Sunshine award,,

aww nice... thanks.. Amalia!

Then the lovely Shirley has graced me also with the Sunshine award! ( ooh.. just a ray of sunshine . am I .hehe) thanks Shirley!!!!

And lucky last , the Sensational Ces has chosen to gift me a most special award .. called 'The Renee Award.'.

in honor of someone very special and dear to her heart.. here is the story behind this award... beautiful ...
thank you Ces..

I really value all you wonderful, generous, caring ,creative women.. thank you so much for sharing your attention..comments..brilliant insight, talent and great sense of humor. You all make blogsville a much more colorful place.
Cheers and much laughter and hugs to you all .. Helen xxxxxxxxooooo


  1. Hi sweet Helen!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful vacation with your family....these things are truly what memories are made of!!! I am so in love with your artwork, have you ever thought of making rubber stamps? I would SO love to have stamps of your gorgeous birds!!! I don't know how you go about it but just had to ask ~ have a blessed Easter, xxoo, Dawn

  2. Oh boy, oh, boy, oh boy...!!! Your birds are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!! You're not only artistic, but totally creative too, Helen! How ever did you come up with these brilliant ideas?? It's no surprise that you got these wonderful awards. Well, I guess when you decide to re-invent yourself, you go all the way! Hahahaha...oxoxox

  3. Oh Helen - your work is GLORIOUS! I truly love your birds..and the 3-dimensional piece is exquisite..I can only imagine how lovely it is in person. And what a sweet family you have - how nice to be able to enjoy the beach. Always wonderful to see you pop by..have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Thank you lovely ladies!!
    Dawn.. Amalia and Shirley.. glad you like me birdies!
    I do so love those descriptive words.. gorgeous,brilliant,glorious and.. exquisite.. ooh I'm blushing!!! Have a great Easter!!

  5. How gorgeous is that beaching picture. It was very difficult to concentrate on the rest of the post but I did my best. The shadow box is wonderful. I am interested in knowing what you think when you create these birds. Your mind is so interesting and beautiful.

  6. Hey Ces.. thank you buddy.. the shadow box was a new idea ,, I had fun!
    To answer your question , when I am creating these birds the best moments are when I'm not thinking at all.. just singing along to some heartbreaking country song.. with hours just flying by, blissing out in the present moment.. that's when I know I'll love what I have made.. but if I start ..THINKINGe.. oh now we are in trouble! heh

  7. Hello Helen, Good Friday morning to you. I took a day off today. Now that you said it, I think I am in trouble. I think of so many things, they just keep on popping into my head. Oh goodness once I thought about politics and I was so angry but I was drawing something really sweet and tender. I have this wide spectrum of emotions when I draw and paint, especially when I paint. I think that if I did not paint and just have those feelings and thoughts, people will think I am crazy. Well, some already do anyway. Have a good weekend dear Helen.

  8. Oh my goodness, LOOK at that beach! Wish my beach had a straw umbrella. Where'd you go?! It looks like the Caribbean, and not a soul in sight for miles. Or you Photoshopped them all out.

    Oh, Helen, no one does birds like you do. The wood grain makes an excellent landscape for the blue guy. And WOW to your goldie in copper! He looks so fluffy and gorgeous! What a great idea to pop him out like that. I feel like releasing him the glass and setting him free. Gorgeous!

    And congratulations on the awards!!! Wooooo!

  9. Hello miss Bella.. that is the Caribbean... Texas style.. Corpus Christi! yay for straw umbrellas out the front of the Radisson Hotel on the beach!!.. nope no photoshopping.. just not many people!
    haha set free my birds!!! that's the closest I get to caging a bird!.. but I'm like you.. when I first put the glass over him I'm like ..awww

    Happy Easter Missy!

  10. Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter! xx Gypsy Purple


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