Illustration Friday..'linked'

Hi visitors... here is a Helen version of an illustration showing 'linked'

these two are linked through their early morning song'.....

Watercolor on paper....thanks for taking a peek!
Cheers , Helen


  1. Beautiful! So delicate

  2. This couple is so divine, Helen!! I'm a sucker for blue, but I've always loved YOUR blue! There's some kind of luminosity to it... just lovely, O Queen! (^_____^) oxoxo

  3. thankyou ladies!!
    Amalia .. yes I am kind of on a blue theme right now I guess !hehe..thanks for visiting!

  4. I love watercolors and have great admiration for watercolor artists because I know how difficult it is. This one is simply divine. The colors are soothing and the texture so fine. I also think that watercolor artists are the peaceful bunch of the artistic spectrum.

    Good morning!

    This is beautiful.

  5. Just Beautiful! Love it! :D

  6. Happy Viking Day to you! I hope it's filled with lots of squeals and shrieks. I hear Vikings are excellent at slaying wrapping paper and devouring things with frosting.

    Beautiful, beautiful, beeYOOOOtiful birds! Such fantastic, deep, dark eyes on them, too. This reminds me of my little one. We used to wake each other up with the following song:

    Good morning, good morning, good morning to you.
    Good morning, good morning, good morning to you.
    Bon jour, bon jour.
    Bon jour, mes amies.
    Guten morgen, guten morgen,
    And now I have to pee!


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