Shop Update.. yes actual originals!

Well.. I have really got my act into gear and posted some original work into my shop..

I finally managed to get a paid spot in the Etsy Art Showcase.. so I'll let you know how many people checked out my shop in response to that wee bit of marketing.

Here is a sample of a few pieces..
Mixed Media on wood .. layered with encaustic wax medium.. gives them a lovely dreamy feel..

Lots of incising, filled with oil paint gives lots of yummy texture

This little chap I fell in love with,, so humble but grand with a whole background of gold leaf behind him.. ( I haven't played with that stuff in ages!)
The little bird is graphite, colored pencil and acrylic.. I gave the leaf an antique wash in parts.. I'm very happy with how this turned out. I can see a few more in this line.
update ( SOLD) .. ooh that was exciting .. now I feel like a fancy blogger!
Thank you so much!

A little chick encased in ethereal waxy encaustic..

I thought it would be fun to create gorgeous backs to these wooden blocks.. so I went wild with some super papers and antiquing wash.

All holes drilled on the back.. ready to hang up!

Hope that was kinda interesting to you fab guys.. I had fun..

I'll let you know how the showcase spot goes..

Fingers crossed.....


  1. Good luck. I'm sure your shop will be well received. Who wouldn't like those cute little birds!?

  2. oh .. thanks plenty Michelle.. I hope we get some action took me a looong time photographing and posting all this into the shop! Fun though! I'll keep you posted!

  3. Oh my goodness! Such labor of love! Those birds looks so real.

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  5. thanks Ces.. I'm a birdoholic!!!

  6. Oh, oh, oh, your birds are always SO gorgeous! Anyway, because you're so wonderful, you have an award waiting for you at my blog... (^_^)xx

  7. Hey again, just want you to know that I've added the info you need about the award!

  8. Aw, so nice. You are very creative! I'm sure your shop will do well. Keep on doing what you are doing. I still am in love with "Just For One Day". It's so beautiful and so moving. It tears at the heart, actually.

    Your birds are so soft and yes, dreamy! I like like the eggs moving off into the night.

  9. Wow to those EGGS! They are so incredibly blue and soft and luminescent! Really? Wax! That is so cool. And your birdies are the BEST, Helen. I love the little guy with the gold behind him. That is a really gorgeous effect, like he's basking in the sunrise.

  10. Thanks so much Amalia!!

    I always love your visits!

  11. Aww Angie.. yes 'Just One more Day' was healing piece for me do create.. I hope it now may be a healing piece for someone else too!

    Thanks so much for your time to visit and such encouraging comments!

  12. Hey there Missy Bella!.. The wax is so cool .. that's what gets the luminescent look going!
    I kinda miss that little birdie and his gold leafie' land I'm gonna make some more methinks!
    Thanks for your ' encouraging' visit!!
    Cheers , Helen


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