Surreal whale painting..

I was thinking about how in life we don't always know where our assistance is coming from ..
just gotta have faith..

'Silent Navigator'

Acrylic on canvas
20 x 16

Happy Tuesday.. Don't forget to put your clocks forward this weekend!!
Ciao .. Helen


  1. What a sweet painting!

  2. I love this Helen and your comment.

  3. Helen darling, this is SUPER!! I've fallen completely in love with the way you create the cool and misty atmosphere in your works... And bless you for your kind words. I wrote more on your lovely comments, of course, it picked me up instantly! oxx

  4. I came here via Amalia's blog tonight. I adore your painting.

    I went over your previous posts and saw a familiar face. Aah - my sweet sisterfriend Bella.

    I love your whale and the serenity of your work.

    I also love visiting your city. It is my favorite Texas city.

    Take care.

  5. Oh, Helen. This is pure beauty! There is such a graceful sense of motion here. There is silence, but nothing more needs to be said about their camaraderie. I love this!

  6. aha Bella,!!yes camaraderie..now that's the word!! Thanks for that thought..

  7. Thanks Michelle and Lisa!Glad you popped in!
    Hey Amalia. cheers.. I have only recently been getting into moody , misty backgrounds again!

  8. Hey Ces.. I left a comment over with you at your place!


I love to read your comments, thank you xx