Results of Etsy Showcase and featured Artist Lauren Gray

Ok.. Featured artist .. that sounds a bit grand doesn't it.. in reality..

I found this lovely artist's work on etsy.. fell madly in love with it.. had to have..
pressed the big BUY NOW button .. and am soo.oo happy

Her name is Lauren Gray .. she is cool , her blog is cool and her artwork blows my mind.. so I thought you all should meet her..

Pyrography .. didn't know it existed until I found this cool chick.. yup.. you get to burn stuff!!
NOTHING IS PAINTED.. only burning with a magical hot pen thingy.. YES !

Check this out!!
Titled : Tree Study
8 x 10

Here is a pic sitting proudly in all it's little 'wooden block goodness'

Y'all know I love birds!.. well I also really love trees.. look at those roots.. they are grounding. .people.. I could ALWAYS do with a li'l more of that! hehe

Now .. go check out Lauren's blog.. lossa good stuff.. but WAIT .. not yet I haven't finished talking..hehe

So..oo if you have never purchased an etsy showcase spot , here 'tis

I paid $7 .. one of my artworks is featured for 24 hours on the art showcase..
Here are the stats.. Thursday pre showcase vs Thursday day of showcase

items viewed in my shop none / 291

items sold none / 1 original painting

art bookmarked ( hearted) none / 15

my shop bookmarked (hearted) none / 10

Now I am not that great at math .. but that wasn't bad for 7 bucks methinks!

I decided marketing is probably something I need to buckle up and do.. yes it's boring and kinda sucks.. but Helen Wheeler-Shaw and The Willows Nest shall remain 'undiscovered no longer .. amid the sea of 40 billion other artists on etsy hehe!!

Ok.. go get some eye candy .. now.. be warned it's very irresistible.. click on Lauren's link below..
Lauren Gray and The Haunted Hollow Tree

Love Helen xxxxx


  1. Sounds like you have discovered something exciting. $7 worth of marketing has produced good results! You can't beat that. Will you be trying the pyrography yourself? Looks like it would be fun. Your new find looks great sitting on your shelf, but I must say what really caught my eye is the bee painting. Is that one of yours?

  2. Boy I tell you, one not only has to be creative and gifted but also be business saavy. That is why I have a day job for i will certainly starve and be so unhappy if I relied on my art, I don't think anyone will buy my work. Hahaha!

    But you are having a lot of fun! That is good and wonderful.

    As for the tree and what was that? Pyrography -

    I love trees too. I am a tree nut. On my vacations I study trees, hike the tree farms and forests and identify them so I have these little encyclopedias with me, my kids think I am a nerd. But you know what? They love trees too and my son draws them like a dream.

    I will look at your shop next week when I am done with this project implementation.

    Have a wonderful day Helen.

  3. Hi Michelle.. yep , $ 7 is about my budget!!lol!!
    Hey thanks.. yes the little bee was an ink and watercolor I did recently and then I covered it with Encaustic medium
    and some little collagey' bits!
    I am sooooo trying to resist buying a pyrography machine.. we'll see.. very tempting!!! hehe

  4. Ces.. I don't know what a project implementation is .. but I don't think I would like it!! hehe.. Yes people would sooooooooooooooo buy your work.. madam.. that's it .. you can open your etsy shop .. it's free .. nothing to lose!! ( gotta beat a hospital)I was a nurse in a previous life. I know what I'm talking about here!!hehe.. I am no longer a nurse but an artist! .. hehe I love saying that! ( but that's why I have to promote and actually sell stuff!)

    I wasn't trying to make you go visit my shop .. the link was to Laurens blog lol..I would never do anything so forward!! ***blush*** ( yeagh , right!)
    Have a great Friday night out on the town with the VIKING!!

  5. Helen this is incredibly cool - or should I say hot? Forgive the lame pyro humor! Lauren's work is amazing, it's so nice of you to spread the word. Good luck with your marketing - I actually enjoy it, but it gets me into trouble because it takes sooo long, time I should be spending on artwork and writing. It's hard being a social artist and not a reclusive one!

  6. Hey Helen! Love that collection you have there! And thank you for featuring my work :) Pyrography is definitely a fun medium to work in, definitely great for someone who loves to draw. I will be keeping my eye out to see if you decide to make the move and jump in head first to the world of Pyrography. If I can be of any guidance in terms of buying materials, just let me know. Thanks again for the kind words!

  7. Susan.. loving some lame pyro humor!!
    I KNOW it's the time .. all this marketing stuff takes..
    Should I fed my child or do marketing??
    These are VERY hard questions!!hehe

  8. Hey there 'LOVELY Lauren.. glad you popped into say hi!. . hmm.. am..!!!

    Cheers , Helen

  9. Ooooh, thanks for that introduction! That is really incredible work. Doesn't look like there's too much room for mistakes with that technique. Do you have to wear goggles? Somehow, I can just picture you in your beautiful studio with the goggles and a big ol' hot iron pen thingy. Wouldn't that be fun??? Smokin'!

    And WOOHOOOO for the $7 marketing! Thanks for posting that. It's really helpful for that one day I get my butt in gear.

  10. And I will be sitting there frantically pushing BUY NOW buttons.. when you are having 'your butt in gear 'missy!! Gimee my little girl with umbrella!! haha!!

    Yes I think I would definitely need goggles.. methinks I would need really cool old aviator goggles.. with nice old cracked leather!! With my wild crazy curly hair I'd be looking an interesting sight.. ( bet they'd love that in the 'fancy..'let's see your studio' mags) hehe
    Luv H

  11. Hello hello hello. I tried to return your comment but I had no decent laptop so now I have a normal keyboard. I am so out of synch and now I forgot what to say. I was in Atlanta when I read your comment. Hahaha! Now where am I? Hahahaha! I am lost. You were a nurse? I am still a nurse even though I write clinical rules now. I was an ER nurse. Let me guess, you were an ICU nurse, no, ER nurse hmn, I don't know I am just guessing. Haha! Hello Helen!

  12. That is gorgeous! I have a thing for botanicals!!! I have never had much luck with showcases!!!

  13. Thank you for sharing your shop stats for the showcase, I am thinking of doing one as my shop is new and my stats are so low I am clearly invisible right now.

    I have tried Pyrography and the best part is the wood burn smell when drawing!

    Great blog I just joined you as a follower.

    Lorraine :-}


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