Creative Honesty.

Hmm.. I have been unplugged for a few days.. thoughts swirling in my head. I 've been pondering my need for more of an ' authentic connection' with my art, complete creative honesty, transparent soul expression... I'm not completely sure what this means or what it will look like .. but I'm taking a fresh new step toward finding it.

Deep within me , there is a knowing that I am 'skimming the surface', not digging deep enough to where my soul truths lie hidden, swathed in layers of 'what others expect' and ' my own insecurities'. But I am coming to the realization that anything that does not come from the authentic voice.. will provide very fleeting satisfaction and fulfillment.

I apologize to anyone who visited here today looking for something light to muse upon and have instead been met with a 'hunk of heavy lead' .. nothing will cheer you up faster than a good dose of 'artistic torment' hehe..

Ordinarily I would say nothing.. not post....but that is not fitting in with my new ..
'Creative Honesty' mantle. So do any of you amazing artists/creatives out there ever wonder.. what have I really come here to say? If you could say anything to the whole world for 2 mins.. what would it be? Can you convey this through your work?

If you share some of your thoughts.. Z willgive you a flower just like the one he gave mummy last night..

Cheers , people..


  1. Hi Helen! I've been wondering where you've been. Z is very cute! What a nice picture of him.

    I will be interested to see what your new transparent soul expression art will look like. IMO, you should always paint to please yourself and not worry about what others expect of you. Good luck on your artistic self-discovery journey.

  2. Whoa boy. Those voices. You hear 'em, too? Make them stop, Helen. I think I am drowning in insecurities and a need for more freedom. I've signed up for Shannon's e-course on creativity next month in hopes that it will spark something.

    Oh goodness, I was reading your last comment quickly as I headed out the door. At first I thought you were calling me naughty for going all broke back! BAHAHAHAHA!

  3. I forgot to mention, my scatterbrained state, that your little boy melts my heart! Ohhh my, love his hair and those adorable eyes!

  4. So this little angel I am assuming is the "Viking"?? There is pure honest beauty in that sweet face. ~LeslieMichele
    PS I'm in love with that beautiful original blue bird.

  5. NoooooooooNoooooooNoooooo!!! I would not need anything. With a face and a gesture like that before me, I won't need anything else until he goes to school and my heart will break on his first day. But if he is already going to school then I will just enoy getting down on the floor and let him climb and step on my back, gently of course. Now mine are 17 and 13 and I still reminisce the days when they were all that mattered to me in the whole world. Now I am... let me see, I don't know. I should enjoy my break and relish my vacations. My day job is so stressful but very rewarding and my art, my art, should I even call it art? My paintings are all over the place and my children and husband ever the understanding and tolerant ones are used to coming home to my painting studio because that is what I did to the house.

    Ah helen, I am rambling but I tell you what, we are at a disadvantage. Picasso never had to worry about what to cook for supper and if one reads his biography he had a succession of muses, wives and women. If a female artist ever did what he did, why they'll call her a slut!

    So for female artists who find a certain level of success it means they have paid double or triple the dues. It's sad but hey, it's great we find like minds and hearts on the blogs. My problem is and it's my personal problem, so many people call themselves artists without ever creating one worthy piece of artwork and so many ugly and trashy things are passed on as art just because someone wielded a brush and some paints and did a smiley face.

    Give me Artemesia Gentileschi!!!

  6. Hey thanks Michelle.. yes I was a little 'noticeably absent'..hmm.. now I'll be too scared to post any artwork cause I'll think it will have to look.. all 'wildly authentic'' heehee.. you are so right about 'painting for yourself.. what you like' .. but sometimes I find it tricky to discern what that is.. ( amongst all the other 'noise'.. but thankyou for your encouragement!!!

  7. "Bella.. you got them voices too??? "
    she gasped incredulously .. whoa.. there you go.. hey I came up with a great way to get them to stop last night.. it's called ..chilled chardonnay..and plenty of it!!!
    haha.. friends came over we drank cheap plonk.. and yep.. them stinky voices were out the door! yay!

    Who is Shannon? and what is her course.. ? hmm.. is this something I may need to investigate?

    Haha.. 'going all Brokeback'.. haha this had me laughing for ages .. ( my kids kept asking me why this is funny!)
    Well.. I haven't needed to resort to that one yet.. but I guess you gotta do what's ever needed to spark your creativity Bella... hmmmmphhhhhhaaaaaa

    ahhh.. yes the cute little.. Zackary.. brings one back down to this planet..sweet little 'Titan'that he is..

  8. Oh yes Leslie.. formally meet my little
    Celtic lad.. ( butter wouldn't melt in his mouth..right?)hehe.. he is very sweet.. so excited to have found mummy a flower.. awww..
    Glad you like the little birdy.. the first one I made with the gold leaf.. sold the first day.. that was great.. so I have just made this one in a similar vein.. I really enjoy them..

    Hey congrats on your retirement..yay!!! Look out all other foodies.. the chef in my head is taking over cyberspace! yay!

  9. Ces.. you are right ..Little Zackarys sweet face in front of me is the most authentic, honest thing I could ever hope to look at right now.. as he struggles to always catch up to his 11 year old big brother.
    Yes you SHOULD be calling your fabulous work.. art! Cause.. that's what it is.. your amazing intricate soul expression.
    Yes I think it may be all 'Picasso, the slut's' fault. hehe.. I like that one.I'm amazed that you can combine big kids, husband, house 'stuff', art and a full time job!! gee whiz.. but i guess it's easier for you.. as you live in a studio not a house !haha!
    Hmm.. need to check out your Artemesia!!
    Thanks for your bit.. Ces

  10. Oh, so good to hear from you Helen. Wow, a very thought-provoking post. I have been working with this thought for some time now...what do I want to say if I could say anything with my art? Why would someone want to look at something I painted? Is it "worthy"? Does it make a connection with/for anyone? If someone were to see my work, what does that say about me, the artist, putting it out there..? Is this really worthwhile? I have pondered this a lot - especially because I am working on my "illustration only" website and everything I put in it (and how it is layed out and created/crafted), I want it to speak to the viewer with that "one voice". I like that you've asked this question..I think your work has a lot of your inner voice in it - and from it, we view a kind and gentle, loving artist. I think being a parent does this for us, too...thank goodness for our kids, right?! By the way, little Zack is just darling. I hope he always brings mommy sweet somethings as he grows up.

  11. Hi Helen, Wow - now my head hurts! Hee hee, just kiddin' you bring up a really good point, I agree with what everyone said so far - you really have to be true to yourself, and like Ces said, did us woman get the harder deal or wat! I guess it's always been like that for everything tho. I went to college in Philly and we took a trip to the Chadds Ford museum where the Howard Pyle school of art was (NC Wyeth and Jessie Wilcox Smith Hall of Fame) and I remember the guide saying that any woman who was a student with Pyle had to quit as soon as she got married! I think 100 yrs. ago teachers had to do that too - anyway, most of us aren't Georgia O'Keefe, we want homes and families and the pull in so many directions is so hard. I have my Mom to worry about too - but aackkk, sorry now I'm rambling! I think my two minutes are up!!! I think I'm trying now to say to the world what I want to - spreading the word about animal rescue and wildlife. I still have such a long way to go with my book, so many things are competing with my time, like all of the above, but it's all worth it. I wish you luck with your journey, you are a gifted artist and you'll find your niche. Sometimes though, you don't even need a niche, just be you! And before I forget - OMG - ZZZZZ is gorgeous!!!! No need for a flower I'll just drown in those liquid pools of blue! Have a wonderful week, Susan

  12. hi Shirley.. thanks for your sweet words of encouragement and confirmation!! Yep the inner voices.. always seeking.. your work always carries with it such sweet beautiful emotion..


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