Art sales, green eggs and a Caribbean cruise..

Ok.. stuff happened between my last post and January the 19th.. and this is it in a nutshell..

A fantabulous cruise to Jamaica, Cozumel and the Cayman Islands for the whole fam'.. (clever me for having such a spiffing idea),

Blissing out in the Cayman Islands.....aaahh....

Zackary and  new found friend in Jamaica....

My new chickens (finally ) started laying.. lovely spotted eggies from 'Pepper' and some gorgeous green hued eggs from 'Hawk' the Aracauna hen,

New representation by a gallery in Austin resulting in two sales in the first 10 days..(yay!)

Mixed Media
24 x 30 inches   SOLD

Happy Birthday Helen ..41 and hot !! hehe!! I was totally spoilt this year and my fab friend Leslie threw me a super soiree' complete with the most precious and yummy cake.. check it out... prettiness'.. ( hmm.. sorry for the crappola' iphone photo..not so pretty.. :(

Lossa new work happening, tons of fun with mixed media.. "Holy creative freedom Batman" ( ok that was weird!)
here is the latest.. a jolly huge 36 x 48 inches yup.. 3 x 4 foot that sounds whopping!

The New Beginning


Ok ..more stuff happened than that.. but enough looking back.. we all know we gotta spend time 'in the present' to reap all the goodies.. so a fond farewell to 2010.. my fab 40th year...
and all engines revving, guns blazing and vision board a'pasted for a magical 2011 ahead.

Yahoo.......... aannd there off..........

.. buckets of love and magical happenings to you all..
  luv.. Helen xx


  1. what a wonderful recap! :0) your holiday looked fantastic and happy birthday too! I'm loving your mixed media pieces!!!

  2. Hi Nicola.. thank you for your birthday wishes!
    OOh yes.. the holiday was definitely brilliant all around. I'm so glad you are enjoying my new creative chapter :)

  3. Well, I was wondering if you'd gone bored and hopped on a UFO! Hahahaa... Welcome back, Helen. Good to know you've had so many wonderful moments while away.

    Happy birthday, happy new year and good luck for the next! oxx

  4. Cheers Amalia.. hmm.. yup sometimes the UFO sounds tempting!!! wishing you a fab year too!

  5. Happy Birthday! I love your Art! Beautiful! Have a great New Year!

  6. Sounds like you've been busy in the best way. I'm staring at 40 in the eye and I'm not at all scared....yet. We'll see in September when it becomes a reality.
    Your art is so lovely I can't stop staring at it. Keep it up.

  7. Happy Happy Happy!!!

    I'm so happy to see you posting again! And happy new year! And happy birfday!!!! And happy to see your beautiful photo and fantastic smiling new avatar!

    Oh goodness, Helen, I just LOVE your Innovation painting! I'm in love with that bold red within the delicate lines. Congratulations on the sales! Woooooohoooooo, you are awesomeness supreme!

    Happy, happy, happy!

  8. Love the pics from the cruise (I know you must have more). So glad you enjoyed your party, you deserved it and I loved doing it.
    Much love to my friend,


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