Can I embed a link?

This is a test to see if I have learned a small step for mankind but a huge step for 'Helen'.. let's pop over and visit ...'the shop' haha!!!! yeeha it worked!!

I am so sorry you technical ones , I know you must think I have some quite serious 'brain problems'( which I probably do) .. but that is just something that I hadn;t figured out.. now I know that it is sooo.oooo easy .. um.. yes I do feel a bit silly.. IF there is ANYONE out there besides me who doesn't know how to do this I found out how to do it here..
Good lord .. I did it again!! I so rock!
ok .. all you 'fancy bloggers .. look out ..'The Willows Nest is coming into the '90's !!!! hehe


  1. COOL BEANS! Miss Helen, you have some mighty fine artwork in your shop. You are waaaayyyy talented!

  2. Hee hee hee :-) You did it! Now I'm going to go check out your Etsy store using your clickable link.

  3. haha thankyou my staunch supporters!!
    yes I could train to be a brain surgeon methinks!

  4. Yea! You're officially a 'techi!'


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