Life begins at 40!.

Oh the joys of turning 40!!!!
I am Lovin' it!
My big day started out with lots of fun things planned on my day... shopping ( kid free) at Anthropologie,, a little art workshop.. time browsing books for hours at Barnes and Nobles...yay!! Then home to find champagne, roses and choccie dipped strawberries ( which the kids dipped with daddy) ( I am so spoilt)!

the kiddles chose these gorgeous blooms for mummy..

lots of lovely cards and pressies..

even Shaka joined in on the fun ( albeit reluctantly)

Then a few days later I had a fabulous do at a jazz and wine bar with my amazing friends!! Just too much fun for one girl!
This pic is taken before we went out by my awesome friend Lainie who came down from Houston specially for me!!

In fact here is a pic of my gorgeous friend....

For my birthday present this year I wanted a fabulous experience ... not a 'thing' to gather dust.. So synchronicity at it's finest 'helped' me stumble across Patricia Baldwin-Seggebruch.
I purchased her book on Encaustic painting.. started playing around with the medium and having lots of fun. I then realised ( the synchronicity element) this awesome teacher from Seattle was going to be doing a 4 day workshop in San Antonio ( aha! I cried .. fabulous birthday experience present!) So I went , had a blast , met a bunch of brilliant artists, made new friends.. and learned tons , played tons and garnered inspiration aplenty!

Here is a shot of our deliciously messy , creative table..

I was quite delighted to meet an extremely fun and talented artist who lives 'up the road' in Austin ......... here she is with her creative mojo hard at work!

check out her cool art...www.Stephanie hmm... Stephanie gives me a fun excuse to pop up and visit the grooviest Texan city again.

So lots of wild inspiration bubbling away in my studio.. The smell of hot wax pervading.. here is a sneak peek..

Excited to report that my new wide format Epson printer arrives any day now ( will be so cool to be able to create my own prints rather than sending everything away!)

Well.. Little 'Z' plaintively declared to me the other day..."'Mummy I lost the sea....
D' you know where tis?... "
After Mummy woefully admitted to missing the sea too ( after our amazing month by the ocean in New Zealand).. Zackary quickly clambered aboard his tricycle and headed toward the driveway hollering.. " Don't worry Mummy I go find it"!!

"ohhhhhhh.... break mummy's heart!!!

You will all be pleased to know we have a large gate so he can't get out on the said wee trike... and we have booked a holiday at the beach in April .. yay!!!

Here is a pic of Z enjoying his beloved ' recently discovered 'sea while in New Zealand in December.

Cheers . H xxxxx


  1. You this fabulous one in their 40 years.. really a princess with that read dress and with the rose.
    and that fantastic idea to take advantage of this date to learn and to amuse with friends.
    My happiness dear friend that god blesses you with many happy years
    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. AWWWWWWW, Little Z, Little Z who lost the sea! Oh my goodness, if that is not the most adorable thing I've heard! Don't worry Mummy, I go find it!!!

    Helen, can I tell you how much I LOVE jellyfish? They are so magical and graceful, and your blue guy is GORGEOUS! Love the blues. He looks quite luminscent.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you beautiful girl, you!!! Celebrating your day is a great excuse to skip playing in the mud.

  3. Wow, sounds like a wonderful birthday. You and your friend look beautiful, so does your jellyfish. And what a cute story about the lost sea.

  4. Happy Birthday it looked like you had a wonderful time!!! The work shop looked like so much fun too!! Take care!!

  5. Looks like you had the most fabulous birthday! Happy 40th to you. Karin

  6. Hey gorgous girl! Looks like you had fun turning 40! Nick and I are planning a trip to the US around Easter. Will you be around if we trekked into Texas country??? No kids...just us.
    Miss ya lots! XXX

  7. I love your jelly fish! And by the way, your studio does not look messy. You should see my space, alot less than yours and stuff is on all surfaces!


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