Number 2 in the series..

Birds and Trees..
I'm quite happy with the addition of leaves and the butterfly in this one..
this bird is based on a Fantail, a gorgeous little New Zealand bird that darts around very playfully. When I was growing up in the Far North they would dance about and follow us on our way to swim in the river at the back of the farm.. The Fantail is known for it's beautiful tail ,that opens up like a fan as well as it's gregarious , fun loving nature.
Hope you all have a super weekend!
Cheers , Helen


  1. Beautiful! I love all of your little bird pictures.

  2. Wow...super beautiful. I love this. I was just at my kitchen window watching all the birds at the really caught the loveliness of this little bird.

  3. Adorable little guy! Keep going while you're in the mood. Droughts happen.

  4. Anonymous23:58

    Happy Birthday beautiful love your fantail.
    xxxxx Zay xxxx miss u.


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