100% Print Sales going to Haiti

Purchase a print from my etsy store until the end of January... and help out Haiti!
All profits will be donated to the Relief fund.
Purchase one for your self.. or birthday presents for mum, friend or little nephews etcc..

Let's help through Art however we can...

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Cheers , Helen


  1. I love that there is a honey bee on the tea cup! So adorable. Like a little bird nest latte.

  2. Very lovely Helen and God bless you!

  3. This is just gorgeous, Helen!! Lovely work..I will swing to your shop soon...
    hope you've been well.

  4. Anonymous15:55

    i really like this . just thought id tell you so. would i be able to use you as an artist reference for a painting i have to do for school? just thought id check with you that was alright,, much love - sarah - another new Zealander like yourself <3


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