The Drought has broken..hurray!

bird.jpg, originally uploaded by the willows nest.

Hi everybody !..I got so stuck in the 'It's the New Year and I must get organized' mode..... that I have not been creating!

All that fabulous sorting,purging,chucking.arranging,new diary filling is not very conducive to art making!!

But here it is , a little muse flew by me and was quickly captured on some watercolor paper before I could think too much about it!

We are in the saddle again .Yahoo!

The plan is to actually do a little series of these guys while I am warming up ( wow! painting more than one of an idea.. now there's a novel thought Helen!)

I hope you enjoy this little fella..


  1. What a beautiful little painting. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Helen,
    It is wonderful!! I'm lovin' it!

    Glad you are back at it.


    barbara jean

  3. Your little birdies are incredibly beautiful! So delicate, yet definitely a strong presence. Wow! I know what you mean about getting caught up on purging and organizing. I'm still stuck in that cleaning frenzy, boohoo.

    You are so sweet to contribute to the Haiti relief!

  4. Another beautiful bird - you are an amazing artist. Can't wait to see more of his or her little friends. Lori


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