I'm back..and it's 2010!!!

Yahoo I am excited about this year!!!!
It's a new decade ...I'm turning 40.....I have a new studio space...have just returned from New Zealand loaded up with inspiration!!! The little guy has just started a little pre-school down the road and LOVES it!!!! yay!!!

New direction ahead with my art this year ..very exciting...

This is where we have been for the last month or so......

If you ever get a chance to explore New Zealand....... go for it....!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Wow, New Zealand - you are so lucky. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Happy 2010!

  2. Happy New Year Helen...!! Your excitement is so infectious :) How wonderful to have a new studio space, and good to hear that you had a great holiday. All the best with your art this year!! :)


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