Illustration Friday..and leaving on a jet plane!

Ok guys , here is my offering for Illustration friday.. 'Unbalanced'

A little bit of a reach here ..BUT as I am flying out to New Zealand in an hours time for a month with my 2 year old ON MY OWN ( so help me God...) I trust that you will forgive me..

I have become VERY UNBALANCED even thinking about changing planes 4 times over 24 hours with my blessed one....

This is a watercolor illo I have just completed for my brand new baby niece ( who we will be visiting in New Zealand) along with Grandma and Grandpa

This is for 'Eleni Rose' welcome to the world baby girl.......

I will have my laptop with me , so I look forward to visiting all your beautiful 'Unbalanced Ones'
Cheers , People,


  1. Hay que ver que ilustraciones mas preciosas, si es que me gustan todas, cada una que veo me gusta mas que la anterior. Besos.

  2. Anonymous06:01

    Beautifull Illustration Helen, have a wonderful trip!

  3. this is so lovely... it looks like an illustration from a vintage fairytale book.
    I hope you have safe,easy travels and a wonderful time in New Zealand.
    That is on my short list of places i hope to one day visit.
    safe journey,

  4. I love this little painting, I'm sure your neice will treasure it for years to come. Beautiful work! Good luck with the flights I can sympathise with you, I've just booked flights to the UK for next year and we are taking our two boys who will be 7 and 3 by then. It'll be a loooong flight I'm sure.

  5. Happy and safe travels!! She's lovely....

  6. OOOH! Congratulations on the birth of your niece! I hope her parents just love this piece. And have a wonderful time in New, that sounds fantastic. And I hope your little 2 year old will have a great trip with you too.

  7. Wow, Helen....this is just beautiful! I'm sure, one day, Eleni Rose will grow to love this piece as much as I love ALL your work. (I guess there are just some things we can't place a value on and this is surely one of them!)

  8. Happy travels! And she's lovely! :)

  9. Anonymous22:16

    love love it so much!!! so very whimsical! it makes me happy, xx

  10. Just stopping by to wish you a happy New Year!


  11. Dear Helen, what a lovely illustration! Have fun in NZ,and wishing you a very happy and creative 2010!!


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