Rock Art

I needed some paperweights to use on my table at the art market, so I thought I would create little natural 'art works' , to look cute while being useful!

Here is what you will need;

A beautiful hill country river, with a rocky riverbed.........

With lots of gorgeous views to inspire you...

A cute red head 'helper' to find the best stones........

And to help test which stones 'throw the best'.......

Some of this and a fine paintbrush....

Select your favorite stones........

And , voila, cute paperweights,or plant rocks,or... place 3 on a windowsill ( will look very 'Zen')

A littl bit'o'fun

Cheers , Helen

PS ,( only problem is people keep wanting to buy them off the table!)


  1. I love these peeks into your days! Multifaceted. And the rock art of course is beautiful!

  2. Aww... thanks , Kate it sure is nice to know you're out there!!......

  3. I can see why Helen, they're gorgeous!!!! Such a peaceful place to make art....xxoo, Dawn

  4. Thanks Dawn , it sure is beautiful! I am totally in love with the huge Cypress trees , their amazing crazy root system just blows my mind.... Nobody there , jus' me and my little Zackary..

  5. Maybe you should start selling you paper weight rocks? I think they're fantastic.
    Also, you're so welcome for the glass decal tutorial. I hope you make something special with it. You could also apply the decals to your rocks? Just a thought.

  6. Oh , thanks for the visit Karin , and the compliment, hmmm... lots of cool things with those decals...

  7. See, now I would have just piled the rocks, but I have no skills with a brush. I like yours better.

  8. Great Job! That little red headed boy is adorable! And all boy. Never met a rock he didn't want tot throw RIGHT?

  9. I am soooo loving this, Helen!

  10. Thanks Cheryl, you should have a go!!

    Charlene, heehee, yes he is VERY much ALL boy, and yes he will spend hours throwing the stones , saying PLOP!
    Every single time !

  11. Haha , Lainie , glad you are enjoying your visit!!


I love to read your comments, thank you xx