Amphibians and raccoons!

The rain yesterday , brought this guy out to visit us on the deck this morning, we saw his cute little face peeking out of an aloe plant.

Much to Zackary's delight after moving him to a thyme plant , he seemed perfectly happy to receive some gentle love from Z's chubby little fingers! ( with myself and big brother Luke nervously directing the 'gentleness') But actually the 'viking' is a real nature lover and is very soft with all animals , insects's just us poor humans who are at risk!!.....heehee

Thanks to all who wished me luck at the art market yesterday, I was delighted I still sold work even tho we were basically rained out and only a quarter of the vendors showed and very few patrons.Texas does need it's rain when it can get it!
This was one of the pieces that sold yesterday..

Bye Soraya... I have enjoyed you.. ( I am thrilled this painting was sold to Chris a really lovely woman , who has previously bought from me and decided this one belonged next to her other one.
( Gotta love that!)

We had a gorgeous raccoon snooping around outside my window the other night, fishing out little dog bikkies out of an old bag( I just love the way they use those little hands, just like people!)
Direct inspiration for this little man....

"please just one more dog biscuit.....

I am awfully hungry...."


  1. Hey girl.
    Have not been by for awhile.
    Love the raccoon, sooo sad though.

    Hope you are well. blessings

    barbara jean

  2. Reading your update over a lunch by my computer. What a delightful post! The mix of things happening in your life! Congratulations on the sale! Such a soulful painting!

    Take care!

  3. I am in love with Zachary!

  4. Thanks , Barb , yep ,but we have all seen those puppy eyes , when someone wants something... I see them from the 'baby viking' 75 times a day!!

    Thankyou Kate , fun to hear what you are doing while reading'me', It was a great painting to do, ( when I needed to remember to breathe...)

    Thanks to you to Lainie, yes he is such a rascal!!

  5. Hi Helen! Thanks for visiting me. What a cute little froggie! Hope he likes his new home. Great to hear that the art market went well! Love the racoon story. Have a great day and see you in the bowl. Wini

  6. Thanks , Wini! Yep looking forward to thurs!

  7. That little frog is adorable. His little face and bug eyes makes me want to paint him tonight!


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