Anybody still love piglets?

This post is in honor of Zackary's precious well loved 'Piggie',

No matter what has come up in his life Zackary knows he can count on his powder pink, piglet friend to help him through it.

Here is my tribute to Z's special, swiney friend....

may you be around
for many more years to come...
with your stuffing intact,
limbs still attached .....
Still Zackary's favorite chum."

Acrylic on Canvas - 'piggie'

( finished painting this little guy last night , ...I just love little piglets......)


  1. Oh, so sweet of you to paint a piglet in honor of your son's little friend. It's so cute. And so is your red-headed boy! Thank you for stopping by to visit me. :)

  2. Thank you Cathy, yep I'm kinda partial to the red-headed boy...and kinda liking this wee piggie..
    Cheers , Helen

  3. wow! helen you are amazing. Zacchary is as you said...completely adorable.

  4. Thanks Zay!... Yep Z is pretty cute!


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