A peek into my life today

The 2nd of October looked like this for me today.........

We were visited by this beautiful little fellow in the morning...

I created these little bags for the art market on Sunday........

Completed this painting of a little 'wabbit'......

Hung out with these two gorgeous chaps in the afternoon, swinging through the oak trees in the backyard...

A lovely Friday.. hope you had a great one too.

Cheers , Helen


  1. Helen, thank you for the peek into your day! And what a day! It's packed with love and creativity. I'm so envious of those who'll be going to the art market and get the chance to buy your bags!

    Take care,

  2. Oh , thanks Kate, I hope the people there feel the same way!!!!!
    Cheers , Helen

  3. Hi & Tks for popping over to my blog.
    I just love your bird in the teacups & teapots! How sweet & original.


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