New offerings

OK, so yes it is ridiculous how long it has been since I last posted, Too much livin happenin', which is all good, but........ rather than not post at all (due to not having provided before/ after pics as promised) , I thought let's just forget all about that and get on with posting 'the creative flow'!! I will post pics of my gorgeous little studio next week instead.
I have been fairly hectic , doing a weekly market here in San Antonio ( every Sunday 10 - 3) at the Legacy on 281 and 1604. It has been a brilliant showcase for my work , with a really exciting response. Am just finding it all a bit of a juggling act to produce enough work , while fitting it in around my spirited wee 2 year old!
But no complaints, where there is a will there is a way! ( hee hee I am able to post this as I have put him in the childcare at the gym, while I type in the gym cafe!!) " Yes , husband , of course I went to the gym today!!" No need to say WHERE in the gym exactly, right!)

Anyway.... let's play with some art, here is a newbie , a little stumbly bumbly chick, trying to catch a bee (" I think I can , I think I can"....)

Yahoo , I just posted , now see , that wasn't so hard Helen!!

Cheers, people!


  1. Ohhhhhhh!!!!! que cosa mas linda y mas tierna. Me encanta. Saludos.

  2. Thanks Pepi, it was fun to do!

  3. Hello Helen,
    Love, love, love your bird image!

    Take care,
    fellow fishie,

  4. With an artist like you online, I will never get to my own work and just stare at yours:) I am inspired! When are you going to teach a class?

  5. I adore this lil one!!
    -Elise Nicole


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