Bloomin' Rain

A lovely rainy day in Texas today, I realized the rain would smack around my pretty roses , so I cut some to bring inside,
Boy do they smell sweet... like mangoes and honey....

Old fashioned home grown roses in Texas...

Here is a pic of our deck in the front, all slick with 'sky juice'

Little Zackary, saying" block ears mummy, daddy make big noise!"

while daddy uses the drill,

Have printed up my artwork onto beautiful textured cards, all packaged ready for art market tomorrow....

Another sweet Saturday.....


  1. well, hi Helen!....thanks for stopping by my blog! are living in my favorite part of texas ( san antonio-austin hill country)...I am canadian by birth, grown in NYC and New Mexico and now live in Vermont, so we have the peripatetic thing in common!

  2. Hi Helen! Your roses are beautiful! Look at that lovely deck. Must look even more magical at night. And how cute is that photo of your son! Your little Zackary is adorable. Good wishes on your art market! Have a great Sunday!

    Lisa :)

  3. Oh, I can almost feel the scent from these roses! Love reading about your days!

  4. Hi Helen...what glorious roses! I love your description of their scent--mango and honey...mmm.
    That deck is amazing...what a wonderful place to enjoy the outside. It looks like a treehouse...
    Your son is adorable...those curls...those eyes!
    Good luck w/ the art market,

  5. Thanks , kerin , kelly , kate and lisa!!!
    I so appreciate your time and comments!!!!!
    Cheers , Helen

  6. Hi Helen, another fishie visiting you :-) Wow your deck is amazing, oh I love how it was built around the tree! Lucky you!

  7. Hey Christina, the deck is actually built around 3 huge oak trees , it definitely sold me the place, love,love it! Thanks for your visit!


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