Art catch-up!

Delighted to have FINALLY posted the first batch of cards to my etsy store

they have all turned out so.. adorably ( is that a word?)

Anyway... printed on a dreamy, creamy textured card with a gorgeous matte finish....

here is a couple for show and tell...

I also painted 2 little mini paintings last night ( 5 x 4's) , they are great for the weekend art market...

I hope you all have fun weekends planned!!!

Cheers , Helen


  1. THose cards are great! I love that little birdie!

  2. Uaaaaaaa!!!! que animalitos mas lindosssssss...... preciosos, que carita mas dulce. Saludos.

  3. The cards are so cute. Love the little paintings too.
    The little bird is darling...

  4. Thanks Jen , the birdie is fun to do!

    Hi Pepi, I'll have to get my friend to translate...
    But I am pretty sure I can figure out .. little animals,,,precious...and congratulations? haha , thankyou!!!!!

  5. Hey Kelly, thankyou , yes I'll be sad when the little bird sells....


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