Check out my art show set-up

Hi people , unfortunately Sunday's show was canceled due to the weather , but we did get to' play shop' for a while on Saturday, here is a pic of my set up....

a little while after this shot was taken , one of my favorite originals was purchased....

"Bye Zelda" ........

I gotta stop getting so attached to my funny little people.....

I am happy to have made the 'society pages',
here is a pic of the market from the week before, in this Sunday's Express News
( myself and my great friend Eva , down bottom left, in front of my 'fuchsia' painting).

I'll be doing a post this week on how to make the black display boards I have in my booth , super cheap and super easy... and crazy light to carry!!

Take it easy , Helen


  1. Beautiful show space. COngrats on the sale, that's wonderful!!

  2. Awesome display...your booth looked great. The display boards were perfect; gave your artwork the chance to shine. Can't wait to see how to make them.
    Congrats on Zeldas' sale...just think of it as making room for a new creation to love.
    Congrats on the newspaper photo too.

  3. Thanks Regina!!

    Thank to you too Kelly!
    Yep I'll have to do that post today re the boards...

    You are right , gotta keep the creative flow moving on through....


I love to read your comments, thank you xx