a little bit'o 'silly

I had to do a little painting for an art team that I belong to - the challenge theme was cherries,
I had promised you my next painting would involve a birdie .. so.......

Tilly could not seem to get the hang of the whole ' egg laying business', so she decided to go with the
old saying......

'Fake it , 'till you make it'

Acrylic on canvas 8x8'


  1. This is too cute!!!

    Did you enjoy the change from your 'friends'?

    Blessing and thanks for coming by.

    barbara jean

  2. Yep , Barb it was fun just to do something a bit silly!
    But the art group are happy , they got their cherries!
    I just could not bear the thought of the ol' cherries in a bowl'

  3. That is so sweet...I love it!

  4. This is really cute and clever! I love your work.

    Thanks for visiting Wibbly Wobbly Woods, and yes, I created Rossobella The Red Fairy.

  5. This is SUCh a beautiful painting. I love when you are in clubs and you get themes. It really strikessinspiration. Opposed to just expecting yourself to come up with something on your won.

  6. OH! Your paintings are so lovely! The cherry twist in this is really clever and endearing! If I was in the art group I would have been quite happy as well!

  7. Thanks , everyone for your encouraging comments!


I love to read your comments, thank you xx