I guess this week we are playing with sculpture!

Here is a little place my muse took me today.....

Meet Irma.
She is a bit of an insecure bird with a tendency to worry about everything.
The best time of Irma's life was when she was in the Peace core( nobody seemed to notice the hump in her beak)
you will never see Irma without her Peace core 'medal, she wears it proudly.

Irma is looking for a mate who is not too flashy and who feels they could live with a bird with a Roman beak.
She is a little concerned her eggs may be going stale so is not interested in a long, showy courtship.

12 '' to the top of her feathers
polymer clay,fabric,feathers,copper

Heehee , now this was fun!
Hope you are all having a fun weekend too!
Cheers , Helen


  1. Hang in there, Irma! You will discovered the perfect mate soon. (And, BTW, you are not the only one with 'stale eggs!')

  2. Haha , 2 kids are enough for me , I'm happy if mine go stale!!

  3. Oh do I understand that look of perplexity on her face!

    What a nice break for you from painting. I bet she was really fun!!.

    Barbara Jean

  4. She was Barb! , I feel another one coming!


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