umm ....., nest , eggs... no bird ..getting closer!

New Beginnings'

Acrylic on canvas
20 x 16


  1. Hello, I love this painting! Is it for sale at your Etsy?


  2. hi , Stephanie , my etsy is looking a little weird right now as it is empty ! It is showing things from my favorites ( kinda confusing).
    I will be listing this painting there very soon and also prints.
    Thanks for your interest!
    Cheers , Helen

  3. Thanks for coming over.

    Not sure how i feel about our clocks being ones your dad used. Guess that means we are old enough to be your parents. Hard to believe when i only feel 35! =0))

    blessings and smiles,
    Barbara jean

  4. 35 forever that's the way Barb!!

  5. Scrumptious, sweet, creation. Blessings.

  6. You all are so wonderful to me....I want to send each and every one of you a gift!!!
    You are my inspiration!
    I just want to say thank you so much for such sweet kindness and friendship that is expressed in each and every comment.
    Please email me your adreess to send you a special friendship tag, I made just for you!
    Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing Week and Hope you win my Giveaway!

  7. This is lovely...
    Last Friday I was weeding my garden and I spooked a mama robin; I peeked into the branches of the shrub and saw her little nest; not sure how many eggs. Birds nests are always so magickal to me.

  8. Oh , me too , Kelly! , I am kind of in awe every time I see one( especially with eggs in!)


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