I love cake and I obviously love birds.. so I decided to combine them.. 
what a brilliant idea !

 I now say to myself.. where was this idea like.. a billion years ago?

Anyway.. in my whimsical world.. this is what happens.. 

we all eat cake,

 even birds.. 

preferably in my kitchen :)

             ' Let them eat cake '
                Acrylic on canvas
                    14" x 14"

(Sorry Marie Antoinette' .. I know apparently you never said that , be we still kinda like to think you did.. bit of dark humor)..

so I thought for fun if anyone wants to see one of my paintings in some REALLY unpretty early stages, here you go..

             Scary stuff !!..

                and then....

                 Ahhhh...Thank goodness for that  :)..
               Have an amazing weekend !
                   Update this piece is SOLD  
15 mins after posting it .. that's my new record :) happy me..
                  Love H xx

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