Painting a New Zealand song bird - Tui

The Tui is a beautiful bird from New Zealand who is renowned for their gorgeous blue/black iridescent plumage, their intelligence and delightful song.
 Easily recognized in the New Zealand bush by the white tufts of feathers at their throat , Tui can be heard at many times in the day calling out with their many beautiful trills, clicks, wheezes and whistles.
This protected native bird was once a delicacy food for the Maori people of New Zealand and their feathers were often used in ceremonial cloaks.
Tui are among the 'honeyeater' family, nectar is their primary diet, favorites are New Zealand flax flowers and bright yellow Kowhai blossoms.
I know I am home when I hear this beautiful bird singing to welcome the morning sun from the top of a tree fern. 

I decided to paint this one on a little feeder shelf that I could pretend was outside my Texas window, I left him some Kowhai flowers, in hopes that he might stay around a while and sing for me....

                                                'A gift for Tui'
                                                                Watercolor on paper

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Thanks for visiting,  xx Helen


  1. Helen, that is a beautiful painting. I love the touch of yellow flower.

  2. Thankyou Ces ..lovely to have you visit:)

  3. Beautiful watercolour!
    What a lovely name for this little bird!


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