A vacation on Crystal Mountain

We were delighted when asked to visit our very dear friends this summer at their new home in Colorado.
A gorgeous treehouse, up in the mountains, what a beautiful restful place.

Nothing but birds, trees, pinecones, black tufted ear squirrels, fresh mountain air .. and..



I've never seen anything like it, little chunks of quartz  sparkling in the streams, sitting in the grass, coming up out of the ground.
Wonderful.. the children were so excited to be living on a 'crystal mountain'.

And then we saw these on our morning walk..

Massive crystals .. AMAZING.. lots of magic in these mountains.. :)

We enjoyed our stay in that sweet house so much I decided to paint it for them..

It was a surprise birthday present..

I took a little artistic license : ) but I feel I captured the essence' of their sweet home, as seen through Helen's eyes' :)

xx Cheers H

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