Under the spell of New Zealand... again

I have just returned from a magical trip home to New Zealand...

I forget how raw and beautiful it is.. 

until I return ..

and I become totally enchanted all over again...

the rugged beauty tugs at my heart so.. I feel it unravelling on tiny strings as I inhale with my eyes 

until next time.......

lots of love and fond memories,


  1. Beautiful..just utterly beautiful!! Thank you for posting these perfect photographs, so that I too can inhale with my eyes. :)

    1. Elise you sure would enjoy it if you ever get the chance....... :) Helen

  2. OH MY GOSH! Helen, How could you leave all that beauty? I have several friends who immigrated to New Zealand and every time they post photos in Facebook, I start sighing, because I run out of words to describe them, just feel. Welcome back. Glad to see a post from you!

  3. Hey ya Helen!!! Ohhh you've been back in Taranaki!! (my hubby's hometown is New Plymouth). We lived there for our first number of years together, and I nursed at Base Hospital... to be honest I still love it there too, and would happily return if I could drag Mum and Dad down south with us!! haha.

    So glad you still love your homeland ;) We are pretty blessed here aye? Often I can't wait to get out overseas etc....and then I come home and truly appreciate what we have here. Much love to the whanau xxxxxxxx

  4. Utterly gorgeous, my friend. Your photos took my breath away.

  5. Marvelous photos. Amazing views !!!

  6. Thankyou all , so glad you are enjoying the photos.. my 13 year old son actually took some of them, he will be very pleased to read these comments. :).. He loves photography and had just received a very fancy new camera.


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