A recap and some Gorilla love

I have been immersing myself in my sweet little family and dear friends over the holiday period , I have  been enjoying expressing my creativity through baking, creating gifts , and hosting special Christmas soiree's..
 here are a few moments...

I'm so glad I took the time out to revel in the joys of creating for people I love , I had so much fun and didn't feel like I was being torn in a hundred directions :)..
Now our gorgeous new year is here, full of bubbling promise and glorious potential for magical happenings... sending you lots of love for your amazing 2012..xxxxxx

here is a precious little true story that found it's way to me on new years day.... sniff'..
watch if you love nature and sweet miracles...

Love Helen


  1. We love you too!!!!
    Love and Light,

  2. An amazing New Year to you, Helen! Your gifts look wonderful... Making my mouth water :) Hope January is treating you like it should!! xx

  3. (not the dog! of course not the dog! the dog does NOT make my mouth water. just to clear up any possible misunderstanding!)

  4. Oh my, did you make them. Wow! It looks delicious :)


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