Hummingbird... dreams do come true..

I was in my tomato patch the other day when a little hummingbird came buzzing around me seeking his favorite flowers.
 Not expecting me to be there he zoomed right up to about an inch from my face. I held my breath in delight as he slammed on his brakes hovering for a while before flying over to the fence pole.
He watched me for a few minutes, as I marveled at his 'tiny perfectness' and wished one day to be able to get even closer to one.

My wish came true 2 days ago....

I was coming out of our local supermarket when I saw a tiny hummingbird sitting right in the path of all the shopping carts.. eek!!  I dove in front of a cart... and picked him up..

Oh.. so precious.. sitting quietly in my hand.. I imagine he had flown into one of the glass windows and was still dazed.
I took him away from all the concrete mayhem as he was still too weak to fly.. to release him at our hummingbird haven 2 minutes away.

We sat him outside on this little nest while he was waking up so he had something to grasp onto.

We were lucky to be able to snap a couple of quick pics while he gathered himself...
Aren't they just so amazing ?

I like to think that when I painted this in July I was 'creating my own reality'..

Dreams do come true....

Luv Helen :


  1. aaww, what a beautiful story. I have seen a beautiful blue one in the beginning of summer and they are so much smaller than I ever imagined!

    Have a wonderful day :)

  2. What a creative premonition!
    We do not have these beautiful hummingbirds in Belgium, but we do have hummingbird-butterflies.
    What a treasure to hold for a moment.

  3. so cute! Really glad you were able to save him.
    I just had a hummingbird trapped in my studio skylight for hours flapping away. I couldn't get him until he finally exhausted himself. Poor little guy.

  4. I am with you on them being amazing, they are so magical it's like something out of a fairytale only real! I have a feeder on my porch, sometimes I get lucky and one comes to check me out. That whizzing hum and and you look up... it's either gone or looking at you.


  5. Anonymous05:34

    I had the pleasure of rescuing a hummingbird who had mistakenly flown into our garage and was working desperately to escape. My precious great-nephew, only 3 at the time, was with me when I managed to delicately capture him in my hands, feel his wings fluttering what seemed liked thousands of flaps, and then opening my hands to release him to freedom again! It was the most wonderful feeling, and my lifelong dream came true that day! The tears my great-nephew shed because he had to say goodbye to the little bird substituted for my tears of joy. It was my second mysterious encounter with hummingbirds in my lifetime of 58 years, and it was a beautiful experience for sure.


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