Art, the ocean and a little green friend...

We ran away to the sea for a while..

reveling in sunsets like these...

Just before we left I delivered these two large abstract paintings to a gallery in Austin

mixed media on canvas
24 x 30

mixed media  on canvas
36 x 24

Yesterday I was picking some vegetables from the garden for dinner..

When I spied this gorgeous green gecko checking me out from his Swiss Chard 'home'

he was a pretty chilled out little guy.. quite happy to let me hang out real close with my camera lens :)

I hope you all have a fun filled weekend ..

Cheers , Helen


  1. i quite like that first painting, the hints of fishes...nice. and what a cute little find in the garden - we certainly don't have any little guys like that on the coast! your garden goodness looks delicious too!

  2. thanks K.. but you have whales and bears!!!!!!!!!


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