Ocean life from linen and stitchery..

I have a crush....
on the little magical marine creatures that live at the end of K.Pederson's needle..

all images used with permission from K.Pederson. Fog and Swell

Bringing the ocean and it's mysteries inside..with lots of home dyed, textural goodness.
For a visual treat for your ocean loving soul' zoom on over to K's online store..Fog and Swell. 
or kick back with a coffee and peruse her  'inspired by the west coast' blog..

I'll show you my 2 treasures I've ordered when they arrive.. Cheers , H xx


  1. Thanks so much Helen - I'm just exploring your art too right now, it's all so lovely.

  2. Anonymous11:27

    me too! Can hardly wait to see it live and in person at Plush You!

  3. Isn't kristy just amazing? And she's as enchanting as her work. Nice seeing her featured here today.

  4. ah.. enchanting..great word Lisa..I definitely feel like I fell under a spell when I saw Kristy's work :)

  5. These crustaceous creations are just exquisite! I can't believe how darn realistic the sea urchin appears. ....and the whale---I want her! I will definitely be checking out the Fog and Swell blogspot. Thanks for sharing, Helen!

  6. Get in line Elaine..that whale is MINE !!! haha.. I know... they are just so perfect!!:) go get your whale..quick before I change my mind!!!
    Cheers , H

  7. Beautiful beautiful needle work!!! I dream of having the patience to do this kind of work. I would love to have my Christmas tree covered in her incredible work!


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