Fish art eye pillow give away !!

Celebrating the end of my fun fishy' week, I have a give away for all you fabulous readers to enter..

Using the watercolor fish from Wednesday's post, I printed it  onto cotton fabric and made an eye pillow filled with organic flax seeds and heavenly Texas hill country lavender.

Perfect for an afternoon snooze, helping you to relax on a long flight, relief from a headache or eye tension, use during meditation or after yoga..or throw it around just for a little aromatherapy lavender magic'.
If you shake it up a little, the flax seeds press against the lavender buds to release more delicious aroma.

To enter ..
just leave a comment below.. stating what type of sea life/creature/animal you would like to see me draw next...
that's it.. ( just remember to leave a way for me to reach you if you are the winner and don't have a blog :)

The winner will be drawn from a hat ( yes.. a real one)  On Monday the 8th August .
yay for winning stuff !!  What is more fun than resting with a nice cool fish on your face?

Good luck.. Cheers , H xx

PS . pop your fishy' friend in the freezer for a bit..ahhhh...nice...


  1. that fish is so cool! what a great giveaway. i would love to see you draw a...whale of course! ;p

  2. Oh my goodness, this is such a wonderful giveaway! I am already so in love with your birds, but this fish is just as gorgeous. I'm with K - I'd love to see a little whale too! :)

  3. What fun! I LOVE your fishy pillow. How great is this blog...I would love to see jellyfish. Have you done that? I just discovered your blog so I'm not sure. Glad I found you. :)

  4. I love this, Helen! Wow, it's so hard to narrow down a sea subject for you to create as you do everything so well. I would probably choose a really colorful fish, like a beautiful Dorado (mahi mahi).

  5. Oooh, that is such a beautiful thing to win! I can just imagine the lovely lavender fragrance...

    I think I would love to see you draw a seahorse next. I just absolutely love them! :))

  6. I'm far away in Europe so don't count me in for the give-away, however, wouldn't it be interesting to draw a cuttlefish? They are very smart animals and you can endlessly play with colours.
    That was a lovely fish-week, I've enjoyed it. Keep going!

  7. I love this!

    I'd love to see you draw a sea dragon. I love their shape. But I also have a deep affinity for cow fish... it's a toss-up.

  8. Oh so lovely, but does it smell fishy? Heheheh. Tsup!

  9. Love it Helen!! It is even more beautiful in person and smells oh so good!!!!
    How about a Lion Fish or coal reef!!
    I love your artwork, it makes my home a beautiful place!!!
    Love and Light ~Leslie

  10. Love it Helen,yet another creative idea.How about a yummy kina...mmmmm fritters.Or a stingray.

  11. hey people .. I am LOVING all these great ideas. my little creative wheels are spinning in delight!!
    Cheers , Helen

  12. i have seen so much sea life the weekend...and the one that captures my heart at the moment would be the penguin..


I love to read your comments, thank you xx