fancy little bit 'o' art press..

After seeing my work in an Austin gallery, the editor of Whole Lifestyle magazine aproached me about being a featured artist in their Feb/March issue. This issue was to be about their 'favorite yogi's and artists;' .
( hmm... little moment of happy :)

Such a gorgeous, glossy magazine full of fabulous articles and brilliant art :)
I was thrilled to see that  my artwork had been specially featured at the top of  the content page..

and on the 'Artists we love' cover page... umm.. twice..
( twice as nice' :)

and then on the featured artist page..

Kinda happy with that..
Cheers , from 'Fancy Pants' ..Helen xx


  1. Cheers indeed to Fancy Pant Helen fron Fancy Pants Fan Ces!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! WHEEEEEEEE!!! So happy for you. I hope there is a magazine about bee-keeping-artists!!! Heheheh! Great job, Helen! Tsup!

  2. Congratulations!!!! How cool is that?

  3. Heyyy...that's awesome...fantastic work!!

    Hey also, I forgot that you were living in Texas!! Me and the band are coming to Austin in September I think it is, to play at some Music festival there..and around Texas for the week prior to the festival!! Looking forward to it!! (so now, tell me, what's the weather like in Texas in September??? do we pack warm or cool clothes??). :)
    xxxxxx Neetz xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Oh HELEN! BIG moment of happy! WOOOOOOOOOO! Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! Oooh, so excited I gotta dance and shout and go squeeze someone! YAYYYY!


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