The bees are buzzing...

Yup they are here.. it was kinda wild to be driving around with 60,000 bees in the car!
That's a total of 5 hives 'worth'.. there was 12,000 in each 'package' of bees. 2 for us..  and some for 2 different lots of friends.

 Soo much excitement. are some shots of our sexy  outfits...ooh yes.. the latest in pin-up for beekepers'..hehe

 Fellow 'Newbie beekeeper' Leslie made gorgeous honey sangria' to sweeten our nerves while hiving our new friends. YUM!!  beekeper nectar..essential!

Here is a shot of Leslie 'testing' if the 'calming effects 'were working..

Now we just have to feed our little buzzy friends lots of sugar water..  and pollen patties until they get established..

Here is a pic of one of their new homes....

Yup.. that is a viewing door.. so fab to be able to open it up and peek in through their perspex window.. and jus' see what's up in bee land.. ( created by Master wood artist' Jess)  :)

Viva Bees'..

 Love from ....Beekeeper Helen XXXx


  1. Oh you so sexy! Hahahah! I love your outfits! Okay, so tell us the names of all 60,000 bees! I love honey. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. I just went out to the bee hive to wish the queen happy mothers day and told the rest of the bees to stop buzzing off and get back to work!!! So glad you liked the sangria, that was a super fun day!
    You're fellow beekeeper,

  3. Hey there, Honey! What's the buzzzzzzzzzz?! Oooh, your bees are so purdy. They've got big dark eyes. Show us the honeycomb next time! Happy Mother's Day!

  4. hi people thanks for admiring my new babies'
    hope to get some cool comb shots son!!
    x H


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