"Zelda!! Have you been eating dog food again!!!"

"No mama, it was Vincent...

he is a very naughty mouse."

'Zelda keeps the dog on a diet'

Acrylic on canvas 14" x 14"

Zelda kept me up until midnight last night,painting furiously..
this little rascal is direct inspiration from my very own little red-headed ratbag, 2 year old Zackary.
And yes ....
he was into the dog food again......


  1. Ohhh this is wonderful, I love it!! Have really enjoyed my visit to your wonderful blog! Mandy x

  2. Thanks , Mandy!!You are very sweet!

  3. My son when he had more or less 5 years of age asked me one could eat the food of the cat, and I spoke that it was able to.... he ate and he said that he had helmaship flavor!.. ahaha
    I adored your painting, this doll this charming one.
    xoxo :)

  4. Oh , Mundo , yay! My son is not the only one then!

  5. Ha! Must be in the name. My son, Zachary was know to a eat a little kibble in his day as well! What an adorable girl your Zelda is!

  6. Ah , so that's it , the Zackary's! , it's in their genes! Thanks , for looking at my wee one Cynthia!

  7. Hi Helen! This is Deborah (from the legacy market)... I found your blog thanks to Dan & Dawne Broadfield, and their e-vite to the art show this friday with your work! I wish I could come. :) Anyway, I like your story about Zelda. Hope I get to see you again soon! :D

  8. I have a lot of fun when I manage to find such interesting blog like yours.
    I see you have done a great work in this blog so thanks a lot for sharing those cute pictures


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