The Viking turns 2!!!!

Something else that happened in April, little Zackary made it to the ripe old age of 2!

Would you look at that face ( and the wild red flaming hair, that no-one knows from whence it came).

Nicknamed 'the viking' little Zackary takes no prisoners, he knows where he's going in this world, but is of course,completely adorable !

His favorite food
(when he can steal it)............

dog biscuits,

straight from the Sharpei's bowl.....

..."yuk! " you say?

"NICE!" says Z.


  1. What a doll baby! My husband has red hair and is 6'9''! Everyone in his entire family has dark brown hair and is short!

  2. 6'' 9 !!! wow!!
    My hubby is 6'' 4 and a half, I thought that was tall!, this little guy is going to be bigger than daddy we think! he is a very big boy!


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